The establishment of CRICKET brand

The story of the cricket mark began in 1978 with myself...

"There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it,
simply because it is pain..."

I was employed in a company as a Public Relations Manager. The company had  employees from India, who were addicted to cricket; I was in their presence on a regular basis every week. Work seemed like a vacation. The more I socialized , the more I submerged myself into their culture. How to play  Cricket is the irony in the subject. Foot and play. My family loves soccer and have positions in my country within football, for example with the Iraqi team and other Iraqi clubs. After a few months, I latched onto the cricket game and learned it inside out from my Indian co-workers, until I memorized the international rules of the game.I also kept the names and pictures of the cricket players in Indian, Asian, European and African teams registered under the World Cricket Union; so I travelled several times to India with friends. The cities I visited are: Kerala – Kotikal – Mumbai – Delhi Mysore – Kwa otty… etc.

I was interested in cricket more than friends were, I was asking them to play every day and my love for them slowly began breaking, passing through years and I have lived in Dubai, which has caused the disappearance of some friends due to work conditions, family circumstances and age. Our departure as friends graduated into career of work. A good amount was collected for the practice of trade engaged in all commercial and real estate fields. I founded several companies and were liquidated and sold in 2009. I remained with  one company, Oprah General Trading; which I founded in 1992 and regenerated in 2014. I thought at that moment that I would achieve my business dream of starting a brand name, a global brand that topped the global brands in the global market…

the only name that does not have a competitor  (cricket) The idea is to make high-quality perfumes, and a brand name is needed to continue in the global market. This is a sign that I was interested in getting involved and started recording in the UAE – Dubai. I liked the idea of establishing a global brand that could be established in a good category. Then acknowledging that I have registered for other categories which have high industrial commercial value and then I registered outside the UAE in the Gulf, Asia, Europe and Africa… During the registration of CRICKET, I was issuing certificates  as my personal joy to mark where I achieved my dream for the mark to have great value, and waiting for some countries to receive other certificates. Where it will spread to more than one hemisphere  and will compete with global brands as quickly as possible. CRICKET is a brand with ease of pronunciation, ease of writing, ease of expression and flawless design.

When the brand is  globally  fixed and maintained property, the brand initiative has to appoint senior consultants, administrative staff, technicians and designers of products to ensure that the mark is of highest quality. I am currently studying their applications for appointment. After presenting them to the consultants who work for me, as well as the consultants to develop the mark through feasibility study for future projects and also to study the formation of shares of the brand to be put on the market .These days I have been contacted by consultants from all Asian and European countries who  agree to purchase  the brand and the offers were presented to my consultants. There are many letters that reach me by e-mail from factories (perfume – watches – leather products – glasses) enquiring the use of the brand  on their European products (French- Italy-and other first class countries) showing that CRICKET is in high demand.